Sunday, March 21, 2010

Well Well....

Lets see I am not very good at this blogging thing :( Everyone tells me how easy it is but I guess Iam to busy to keep up with it. I guess I will use that as my excuse.

We went as a family to Colorado for Spring Break- It was a blast, I didnt think I would like skiing, I do not like to be cold,wet or to fall down and I expected that all 3 would happen. And of course they did-but it wasnt as cold as I thought and when I did fell it didnt hurt to bad, the clothes I wore kept me from getting wet.
We skiied 2 days at Breckenridge, 1 day at Ski Cooper, 1 day at Keystone. The first day was at Ski Cooper it was alot cheaper then the other two but the alttuide really got all of us, Cheyanne was effected the worse (really sick) she even passed out. We gone to visit with my nephew Jonny Henkins every day, even skiied with him all but two days,he had to work.
All in all it was a great vacation with the family- Alan, Kelly,Cheyanne,Colton--it was amazing we all got to go.
Until I decide to post again-Later Kelly