Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Altered Frapp. bottles

Today I will be posting this cute little gift that I made for my co-workers in 2009. I had to make 8 of them, so this meant I had to drink alot of frappachino. LOL.

The first thing was to drink the contents of the bottles, then wash and dry the them really good. I made a pattern of the box to cover it. I used solid heavy cardstock for the box and assorted patterned pattern from both from Hobby Lobby for the rest of the box and the bottles. I used a stamp set and scollop punch from Stampin up. I filled the bottles with Powdered hot choc. mix, marshmellow, kisses and choc. covered peppermint sticks. The message on the side was the Snowman soup recipe. Contact me if you would like the recipe. Have a great day.


Kelly said...

I love your frapp bottles. What do you use them for? I made some last year for pre-mixed hot chocolate recipes to give as gifts. It worked well but I would be interested in what you use yours for.

2 Pink Ladies said...

I like the idea of Frapp. bottles.
I would love to have a copy of your Snowman Soup.