Saturday, July 2, 2011

So Sorry!!!

I am so sorry that I have been away for a while, I have picked up a new hobby and I am really enjoying it!

I have a great friend her name is Shelly and she had taken up cycling over a year ago and had asked me to join her and Pippi(Giant road bike) I had always told her that I was to busy but decided to take her up on the challenge when another friend (Brenda and (Lucy AKA-Giant road bike) of ours had started joining her. They were always posting all the fun rides they had and all the THINGS the see, I just couldn't resist. Well lets just say they both had the right kind of bikes (Giants) now these are road bike which are very very light and easy to ride but my bike was a heavy mountian bike, I had always liked that bike until the first 20 mile ride with them in which I had to walk up most of the big hills!! They were alway waiting for me!!!! I really loved riding with them until that die I thought i would die, we started out in Kildare and rode to Kaw Dam and back it was 30 miles and really hot, I told them when we got back I would not be going again until I got a GOOD bike and retire Nana Peel (AKA- mountian bike)to local flat riding only!

Well that day came sooner then I thought my husband bought me Lexa (AKA-Trek) it was a joyous day in the Bay home. I brought her home and soon tried her out, 20 miles the first time and tad over 26 the second in which I could have rode longer but Shelly had rode a few to many the day before with Brenda and her knee was bothering her, but a great ride and cant wait to go again. In the pic is Lexa and I on an adventure with Shelly!

I will get back to stamping and post a few that I have done recently! Again sorry I haven't posted in a while I willl try to do better!! Kelly

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Ruthie J. said...

Love your bike Kelly!!! And your new friend there!!!! LOL. I admire you girls' dedication to riding bikes such a great distance. I rode my refurbished "princess" bike 4 miles and my legs were like jello. It's definitely not made for uphill riding and not sure about flat surfaces. Just load my bike up in the back of you truck and drive me to the highest hill and I'll ride "princess" back down. You can pick me nack up at the bottom of the hill. Have fun riding!!! Ruthie J.